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You are welcome to the page of the Studio of Foreign Languages Golden Age International.
Golden Age International is:

1) Qualified specialists and teachers who really love their profession.
2) The special method of teaching is based on the combination of a grammatical approach to teaching with a communicative method. This allows you to receive constantly clear explanations of grammatical techniques and lexical structures in the study of your language, and immediately to fulfill their practical living conditions.
3) Ongoing implementation of practical situations that are relevant to students and their lifestyle in order to bring your skills to automaticity.
4) The school, which keeps pace with the times and offers you to study a modern language with all its new grammatical and lexical units, as well as idioms and phraseology.
5) Great motivation for the study of our students by constructing an interesting lesson, competitions and activities of the studio.
6) Regular testing of students’ knowledge.
7) A pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the class.
8) All foreign language lessons are aimed at developing speaking skills and understanding of foreign speech of native speakers (and not only native speakers)
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We teach the following languages:
1) English
2) German
3) Polish
4) French
5) Italian
6) Spanish
7) Greek
8) Chinese
9) Russian
10) Ukrainian
11) individually, in groups or remotely by Skype
12) standard and specialized courses

Also we are engaged in corporate training.
Companies whose employees speak foreign languages thanks to Golden Age International:
Publishing House “Zaslavsky” American Medical Center, Intron Compenta, Realty KDU Group and others.

We also prepare for exams:
– General school testing

Age: from 3 to 100 years)

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, do not emphasize a lot of attention on the fact that you have the wrong pronunciation or your grammar is lame. Speak! Our teachers will correct your speech carefully step by step.
Welcome to the studio of foreign languages Golden Age International!
You are Welcome! Benvenutti!
You will find a lot of positive and pleasant surprises.

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