individual lessons

A lot of people for many reasons give preference to individual lessons of a foreign language, for example:

If you are looking for a good tutor of a foreign language to help you or your child to learn English – we invite you for individual classes in our studio. The difference between the ordinary tutor and our teacher is:
Our teachers work according to European standards, taking into account all the new trends in teaching methods and in the constantly changing language
Our teachers work, using well-tested methods and materials for teaching a foreign language on an individual plan
Our teachers regularly attend practical methodological seminars and speaking workshops with native speakers
they are constantly in the educational process
teachers and students of the foreign language studio Golden Age International have access to a lot of our resources
And, of course, we constantly monitor and control their work

Coming to us, and started to study any language in the studio of foreign languages Golden Age International, you find yourself in good hands.

100%-ая проработка

Вы не упустите ни одной детали при обучении


Вы выучите язык быстрее и качественнее

Гибкий график

Вы можете выбирать любое удобное время для занятий, которое свободно

100% work out of the study material

You won’t miss any detail during training


You’re going to learn the language faster and better

Flexible schedule

You can choose any convenient time for training, which is free

If you decide to study individually, we offer you a convenient schedule of classes and will select an optimal course based on the results of your test, your abilities and wishes.

You will be able to study in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening or at the weekend, we can also conduct one lesson in the office, and the other on Skype.

The main idea of learning a foreign language in the studio of foreign languages Golden Age International – is to approximate the content of the lesson to real life in a foreign country.
All topics are processed in practice, we build a dialogue, learn to ask questions, use idioms and word combinations , improve speech understanding listening native speakers .

Individual lessons of a foreign language limits communication a bit, reduce it to only communication with the teacher. That is why we strongly recommend you to visit the various activities of our studio: conversational clubs with native speakers, Film club, our first-class achievement – English Battle (4 hours of real life in English) and other interesting events. Active participation will help you to improve your language skills, to overcome the language barrier.

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