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The studio of foreign languages Golden Age International offers an intensive course of learning a foreign language.

What is it?

Intensive – is the accelerated pace of learning a foreign language in non-stop.
Classes are held in different formats. These can be individual lessons, lessons in a group of two students or in small groups of 6 ones.

What for?

There are a lot of reasons why people need to learn the language quickly. For example, you need a special course for promotion in your company (business language course, legal English or English for pharmacists), probably before you studied French, but now you’ll need Italian or English.
Or you’ll have a trip abroad soon, or deliver the project in a foreign language.

We practice intensive training for international exams IELTS, FCE, ESOL, and to pass independent testing. Whatever the reason is, we are ready to help you right now!

Сколько можно учить язык?

Приходите на интенсив – скорость вашего обучения в 3-4 раза выше чем при обычных курсах


95% наши учеников достигают своих целей после Интенсива

Только работающие методики

Вы будете изучать язык по специальной методике, которая даст вам толчок в знаниях языка

How long can you learn the language?

Come to the Intensive – the speed of your training 3-4 times higher than in theconventional courses


95% of our students achieve their goals after Intensive

Only the working methods

You’lllearn the language by a special technique that will give you a boost in knowledge of any language

  1. Short intervals between classes
    You learn the language intensively, come oftento the class, work out more material. You’llget the result and confidentlyusethe new vocabulary in practice. Every day gives you more and more the feeling that you’llsurely be able to learn a foreign language quickly.
  2. More stuff
    In a short time you work out a large amount of material. And as a result, you’ll increase your vocabulary, improve understanding difficult grammatical structures and will be able to use them quickly and easily, thanks to intensive work in the classroom.
  3. Total dive
    more intensive study of the language — this is more intensive communication and this’smore intensive work of the brain. You’ll be less likely to move away from the realities of the target language, you are completely at his “power”.
  4. Necessity is the mother of Fluency.

  5. Saving money
    Yes, yes, as strange as it sounds. Of course the price for the course “Intensive” is higher than normal rate of learning a foreign language, but you’ll overcome this program much faster.
    Ask yourself how many times you started to learn the language and gave up? You just don’t have the patience to finish the course. Choosing an intensive language course, which will take 2 to 4 months, you won’t have the desire to stop learning the language, because you are going to feel the results very fast.

We are waiting for you at our Intensive English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and other languages!

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