The Studio of Foreign Languages Golden Age International regularly organizes :

  1. Thematic evening-party (Italian parties, Polish, German, French clubs, etc.)
  2. English Battle — 4 hours inEnglish only. More
  3. Journalists Club – interviewing ordinary people of Kiev, tourists, etc. in English ( German, Italian).
  4. Joint visits to exhibitions, conferences and relevant meetings, theaters and other events using the target language
  5. The organization of joint excursions and travel using the language being studied


Наше обучение выходит за рамки аудиторий – вы побываете в разных местах где нужно использовать язык

Реалистичность обучения

Приближаем обучения к реальным жизненным ситуациям

Интересный досуг

Вы узнаете много нового во время наших ивентов и познакомитесь с интересными людьми :)


Our training goes beyond the audiences – you’ll visit different places where you have to use the language you learn

Realistic training

We teach you real alive languages in real life situations

Interesting leisure

You’ll learn a lot during our events and meet interesting people. :)

Узнайте свой реальный уровень языка
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