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The rapidly changing age of innovation – quick and nonstandard -requires new approaches and methods in the study of languages.

One of the fastest growing trends in the teaching – courses via Skype.
Are you a very busy person? Do you often go on business trips? Do you live in other cities of Ukraine or abroad? Perhaps it’s far and inconvenient for you to travel to our office, but you just need to learn a foreign language?
Then, learning a foreign language via Skype is just for you!
Classes by Skype differ only in one – you see your teacher on your computer or laptop, but not face-to-face sitting aside.

The Studio of Foreign Languages Golden Age International right now offers a free pass an online test. Register for a free trial lesson via Skype RIGHT NOW!
According to the test results, we’ll select the best course for you and make convenient schedule for you and begin your studies.

All materials are available in electronic form: audio, video, vocabulary glossary, textbooks and notebooks for exercises, tables and explanations of the rules and usages. of lexical material ( of course if you wish to buy a book , we can deliver it in any part of Ukraine or abroad)

The Golden Age International Programme for teaching students of all ages via Skype is designed to meet the requirements of the European standards (levels A1 to C2, as well as specialized courses via Skype, English for programmers, preparation for international exams and general state tests).

Учитесь online

Не нужно тратить время на дорогу – все что вам нужно – хороший интернет

Плавающий график

Обучение в удобное для вас время не важно где вы находитесь. Первое пробное занятие БЕСПЛАТНО. Попробуйте!

Индивидуальный подход

Вы намного быстрее осваиваете язык изучая один на один с преподавателем

Learn online

There’s no need to waste time on the commuting – everything you need – good internet connection and a laptop.

Flexible schedule

Education at a convenient time for you, no matter where you are. The first lesson is FREE. Appreciate the advantages of this contemporary type of learning a foreign language!

Individual approach

You master the language much faster learning one to one with a teacher

Also the studio of foreign languages Golden Age International provides an additional option: You’ll be able to attend our group classes in our classrooms, being remotely. We just join you to a group of students at your level.

Your teacher can be both Ukrainian expert and a native speaker who is in the UK or in the US.

What do I need for Skype lessons:

Узнайте свой реальный уровень языка
пройдите online тест за 15 минут

начать ONLINE тест
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