lessons in the groups

In the studio of foreign languages Golden Age International you have the opportunity to learn a foreign language in the group.
Pros of group lessons:

No large groups

To maximize the effectiveness of training in group sessions just 6 people are involved up.


In the classroom you’ll have more opportunities to communicate with other participants and improve conversational skills


The atmosphere in the group sessions is always very positive and funny. :)

Big pros of group lessons – it is an opportunity to develop your speaking skills communicating with other members of the group. Most of our students “make agreement” to communicate with each other outside the classroom, using only the target language. You can easily find a companion and you’ll together develop your conversational level outside the school together.

4-5 students usually study together- it’s the perfect number- learning is effective for each band member.
If you want to learn how the lessons are conducted in our studio- you have the opportunity to visit two sessions free of charge.

Groups are formed by levels

To find out your level – you can pass the test:

Узнайте свой реальный уровень языка
пройдите online тест за 15 минут

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