speaking club

The Studio of Foreign Languages “Golden Age International” is pleased to invite you to our conversation club!

This club is for:*the studio’s students and our guests
*levels from Elementary

What for:
• to improve the spoken language
• to overcome the language barrier
• to improve your language skills
• to expand your vocabulary
• to try your skills in practice

Why speaking club of the Language Studio Golden Age International:

We develop the motivating conversation topics, make up an interesting scenario, using modern techniques – all this combined maximum automates the practical application of the previous vocabulary and grammatical structures.
Come to our conversation clubs in our studio of foreign languages Golden Age International for practicing English, German, Italian and French.

Никто не молчит

Методика построена на активном слушании, т.е. вы по максимуму практикуете свой разговорный навык

Native speakers

Общение с носителями языка

Актуальные темы

Мы обсуждаем актуальные темы, которые интересны людям, а не проводим занятия по шаблонам

No one is silent

The methodology is based on active listening, you practice your conversational skills

Native speakers

Communication with native speakers

Hot topics

We discuss current topics which are really interesting to people and we don’t just hold boring classes on templates

Узнайте свой реальный уровень языка
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